Versa WPC planks display the true characteristics of natural wood through their colours and textures. This is a result of a unique material composition of wood powder and thermoplastics which when combined, deliver unparalleled inherent features of a natural wood appearance with a high tenacity to endure harsh exterior weather conditions.

Highly durable in exterior applications, Versa WPC planks without any maintenance, have an unusually long lifespan compared to wood or other conventional materials.

Available in a choice of natural wood colours and surface finishes, Versa WPC planks are the perfect exterior material for cladding, gates, louvers, railings, partitions, landscape and a whole lot more.



Adding to the appearance of wood through natural colours, Versa WPC planks are available in 2 surface options on the same plank, that present the true characteristics of finished natural wood.

One side of Versa WPC planks displays an engrained finish of natural wood and the other a machine finished grooved surface. This allows for planks to be used in different applications with both surface options, offering flexibility in design.

Both surfaces have a high quality silk matt appearance matching the true aesthetics of pre-finished natural wood.

Plank Width X Thickness(MM) Length/Plank Standard Colors
MAXI 145 x 10 mm 5'0 / 8'0" Teak, Cherry, Walnut
MINI 80 X 10 mm 8'0" Teak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany
HOLLOW 75 X 20 mm 8'0" Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany

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